Manual v. Automated Testing: How to Achieve Consistency

Software testing refers to the process of verifying as well as validating the successful functioning of a particular software application/program/product. It ensures that the ultimate product/application/program caters to the technical as well as the business requirements, which guide the entire design and development procedure at best. This particular process of testing is implemented in a number of software enterprises to assure that the product that is being launched in the market is safe, standard, and effective.

software testing services

Presently, two major approaches of software testing exist in the market that can be zeroed down to manual and automatic. The procedure of manual testing refers to the idea of hiring a professional tester to try or execute the product/program/application in different possible approaches of customer use. On the other hand, the automated procedure is all about acquiring a third party or external tool that is designed to execute a pre-set of scenarios along with steps that a customer might use.

Now, when it comes to manual vs. automation testing services, it is safe to say that the key to software testing rests with automation. The first question that an enterprise or tester should ask oneself when conducting manual tests is that ‘is it at all possible to make the process automatic?’ If yes, then it is always wise to think of the ways to automation.

How does Manual Testing Occur?
Let us take this as an instance: you are a member of a Quality Assurance team that is responsible for conducting web application tests and you find out there is no automated process written for the same. The outcome: every time, you think of testing apps, you need to click all the links/buttons manually, enter data into input fields, as well as verify proper handling of input and output fields. After the completion of the method, you document the errors that have been encountered and notify the developers to fix the errors accordingly. Now, all these steps enable the functioning of a single application. You need to repeat the entire process for all the applications/programs.

What’s the problem here?
First of all, this process is not just cumbersome, but also inconsistent. If there is a team conducting software tests, the process completely turns out to be relative in respect to the individual conducting the test of a particular application/program. On the other hand, even if you are single-handedly taking care of the entire process, the approach is most likely to change, every time you take up the same. Well, a probable solution to this situation rests with the idea of creating a set standard that everyone needs to follow while testing application. However, it is hard to determine that the standard is being followed by everyone.

Secondly, even if everybody is keen on following the set standard, the method does not guarantee complete efficiency. The reason is simple; it takes too much time to ensure proper functioning of a web application or a program. Moreover, it also turns out to be boring. After all, all you need to do is follow instructions like ‘press this button’, ‘type this’, ‘click here’, etc and that too repeatedly. Moreover, when you have the choice of implementing alternate ways of software testing, the entire manual procedure seems to be disinteresting.

How to solve the problem? The solution to efficient testing
If you feel like being turned to a machine while conducting manual tests, it is time that the machine takes up the job. It is always wiser to invest the time in something better like implementing an automated test process, which can be run quickly as well as efficiency without any hitch.

The process of automated testing offers an enterprise reliability, consistency, as well as speed alongside making way for better time allocation. If programmed properly, the tasks can be easily performed consistently in an identical approach. Automation definitely enables fast run of the tasks at specific occurrences, which as a result saves maximum effort, time and money.

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