A Layman step by step approach to doing Selenium automated testing

Selenium comprises an exhaustive set of tools which renders support to test automation development with respect to web-based applications across a number of platforms. This lightweight and open source automation tool can be conveniently integrated into a diverse range of projects, backing up multiple programming languages like Python, Perl, .NET, Ruby and Java.

Selenium Testing for Ajax Application
Ajax and XML constitute a web development system for development of interactive web applications. One of the features of Ajax application is that it does not cause a complete page to get reloaded every time. The browser has an asynchronous call to the server for obtaining the data and then refreshing certain parts belonging to the current page. For enhancement of the web page’s response speed, interactivity, and usability, certain changes are needed while testing Ajax applications.

selenium automation testingFirst the web page is acted upon, and then one needs to wait till the asynchronous call is completed. Verification continues after completion of the same. During this time, the need for an appropriate waiting time is felt. You can opt for fixed time pause in the test application, which works successfully in the majority of cases. Under certain circumstances like reduced network throughput, the Ajax call does not get completed following a specific time pause and this leads to test case failure. Again, for an excessively long pause, the test may become unacceptably slow.

Selenium comes with increasingly efficient means to handle waiting. It is possible to use the com.thoughtworks.selenium.Wait class for waiting for a text or element to disappear from or appear in the page. In the until() function it is possible to define the break condition with respect to the wait, or the Wait class can be extended to implement.

Another option is to use the function waitForCondition in Selenium. A JavaScript snippet would be passed to the same as a parameter. Once detection is done by Selenium that the condition is true, it will cease to wait. Waiting can be continued for some text or element to disappear or be present. With the help of the function Selenium.browser.getCurrentWindow(), it is possible to run JavaScript in the application window.

Methods to render support to Dojo applications
Dojo is in fact a regularly utilized JavaScript tool kit for construction of dynamic web interfaces. A crucial aspect in leveraging Selenium for testing of Dojo applications is the recognition of Dojo widgets as well as recording of their actions. Those widgets which are author-defined tend to be in the abstract level. While running the page, widgets get converted to basic HTML code. In this case, auto-generation of HTML codes takes place, thus there can be some differences with conventional HTML widgets.

Actions performed in this case, including checkbox, text field, and radio button may behave in the same manner like HTML widgets. However, when it comes to the combo box, additional widgets including date selector may call for specific handling.

Support for HTTPS website testing
With information security becoming the main focus over the Internet, SSL authentication is being increasingly used by a number of web applications. By default, Selenium IDE renders support to HTTPS, but the same is not possible with Selenium RC. The solution varies according to whether it is Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Effective recognition of web elements with no ID property
Elements can be conveniently located by means of a meaningful name or ID. So far as test cases are concerned, this enhances the readability. Selenium comes up with manifold strategies like CSS, DOM and Xpath for recognition of the elements.

Selenium automated testing provides a lot of benefits to web applications developers. It also provides convenience in handling a pop-up window, download or upload file window or verification of confirmation, alerts or prompts. You can hire developers from top automation testing companies India who can help you accomplish testing with the selenium tools within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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