Top Test Automation Frameworks

With software development becoming more complex and competitive, it has become essential for enterprises to explore options to optimize the application’s performance, quality and reliability. Each developed software application also needs to be tested thoroughly to assess its quality. As software testing requires both time and resources, many enterprises opt for test automation frameworks. Along with speeding up the software testing process, the frameworks are further effective in identifying all bugs, flaws and problems in a developed software. Each business also has option to pick from a wide variety of test automation frameworks. However, one can always consider using some of the testing frameworks that are used widely by software testing professionals across the world.

5 Widely Used Software Automation Frameworks

1) Selenium
Top automation testing companies IndiaSelenium is hugely popular among web application developer to automate web browsers. Along with checking how the internet application works on different web browsers, the developers also use the framework to automate a set on web-based administration tasks. The huge popularity of Selenium has further encouraged many companies to integrate as a native part of their browsers. Based on the requirements of the web development project, a company can choose the Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver or Selenium Remote Control. Both Selenium WebDriver and Remote Control are also designed with Selenium Server integration.

2) Watir
As an open source member of Ruby libraries family, Watir supports each application regardless of the technology used for its development. IT supports only the Internet Explorer on Windows. But the testers can use the Watir-WebDriver to test the performance of the web application across major browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera. The framework further makes it easier for testing professionals to emulate the exact user behavior by pressing buttons, clicking on links, and filling in forms. At the same time, it also allows testers to check the test results as these will be displayed to end-users.

3) Windmill
As an innovative web application testing tool, Windmill enables testing professionals to automate and debug the applications without putting much time and effort. It is also be best choice for testing the websites designed with huge AJAX and JavaScript functionality due to its effectiveness in facilitating communication between the client-side code and the services. The framework allows testers to check the quality of a web application by using a set of tools like cross-browser test recorder, interactive service shell, JavaScript test integration, and malleable proxy API. Also, the testers can use the Windmill Controller to observe the performance of a website by choosing different options.

4) Squish
Squish is used widely used by enterprises to carry out functional GUI regression tests. The framework launched by FrogLogic can also be used as a powerful tool for GUI test automation across different platforms and technologies. As the GUI testing required both time and resources, many enterprises use Squish to optimize the quality of their applications within a stipulated timeframe. Along with desktop and web application the framework is also used widely for testing mobile and embedded applications. Along with automatic test script recording, and option to run the scripts in batches, the testing automation framework further makes it easier for testers to create, maintain and execute legible test scripts.

5) NUnit
As a unit testing framework, NUnit is hugely popular among Microsoft .NET developers and testers. The xUnit based unit testing tool is also written fully in C#. So it is effective in taking advantages of a number of .NET language features. The professionals also have option to avail advantages of xUnit for several .NET languages. The framework is also being redesigned at regular intervals to take advantages of the innovative and extended .NET language features.

A business can avail several advantages by using a test automation framework. But it is also important to evaluate various frameworks according to a number of factors and specific requirements of the project. You can hire software testers from top automation testing companies India who can help you accomplish testing with the automation testing tools within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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