Maximizing benefits of attending conferences

Significant software testing conferences of the regional or international level are highly popular among leading practitioners or industrial professionals worldwide. Popular forums experience active involvement of software industry, government as well as academia for exchange and sharing of experiences, learning or ideas. Conferences offer an exclusive opportunity for the general visitors to share the same platform with renowned attendees or world class speakers from the nation and abroad as well.

Purpose of software testing summits

hire automation test engineersBuilt on several themes along with the latest market issues or topics relating to software testing analysis, such international forums provide everything starting from assurance to confirmation. The summits with their more enhanced latest editions display experiments, ideas or experiences to explore new challenges or suggest best practices along with techniques to successfully deal with the theme. The presentations or discussions focus on how an establishment transforms itself on multiple aspects such as process, people, tools and technology. Discussions mainly focus on the best organizational practices to scale or increase the multi-faceted efficiency.

Benefits of Attending Conference

By attending such presentation programs you can have a detailed view or understanding of the track that concentrates on tools as well as techniques for the purpose of enabling increased adoption with scalability and thus rendering non-linear development for the organizational practices. The single most crucial challenge is addressed to change the perception or mindset that the need of the hour is to step ahead from assurance to confirmation, and in this respect discussion, debate or agreement on the requirement of the change are highly important. It is high time to provide confirmation more inevitably.

Your To Do List During A Conference Session

  • Take notes and use mind map as your note taking tool
  • Focus on the challenging and thought provoking analysis and solutions
  • Share your views and arise queries to enhance your organizational growth and advancement
  • Learn, discuss and share at the same time
  • Ensure that attendees or speakers are not disturbed
  • Leave the session with knowledge of something innovative or interesting
  • Talk to other testers, speakers or buddies about the testing apart from the context they work in
  • Focus on the challenges they face alongside the several ways to solve them

Questions To Be Asked

Use the following questions intelligently to start conversation so as to learn from the experience of other fellow practitioners. This is how the conference becomes great and not just average.

  • What does your organization do?
  • What is your major concern about enterprise application testing?
  • What kinds of products are normally tested by you?
  • In what way do you approach testing?
  • What is your view of automation or certification?
  • What is your opinion about the advancement of software testing profession?
  • What was the most challenging issue you found or how could the defect be recovered?
  • How would you formulate static testing?
  • Anything that you would advice to implement so far as random TestSpicer or test generator is concerned?


The huge gathering of agile testing professionals recognizes new talents or emergent professionals for their contribution in the field of software testing. The award giving ceremony being one of the major highlights encourages newbie professionals while providing impetus for their contribution to the testing processes, skills or principles that make testing an imperative part of the software development life cycle. It will also inspire innovative approaches along with breakthrough achievements in the testing process that aims to produce developed products as well as services in the IT Industry.

To make the best use of the summit try meeting as much people as you can as important visitors from different fields will help in enhancing your market knowledge with the exchange of valuable information. Having a lunch or breakfast with unfamiliar faces can be a good idea. Don’t forget to carry business card always as many people ask for it. Give yours and ask for one too. Apart from all these, visit booths to see innovative products while trying your hands on the latest tools to get an idea about how tools are advancing and the direction in which the service industry is heading.

We provide software testing and automation testing services and we do attend events and conferences in related fields. If you are looking to hire automation test engineers, please do speak to us, you will be amazed at your expertise and experience. And we will be glad to assist you.


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