Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing

With the ever increasing innovations in the world of automated testing tools, a large number of organizations make the best possible choice, attempting to make the tools suitable for functioning in their environment. This article outlines the major challenges that are most often seen in organizations that struggle to make effectual automated testing a reality. The earlier these challenges are detected, the better prepared a company will be for the purpose of dealing with them.

hire software testersTop Ten Challenges of Automated Testing and Solution Strategies

These challenging issues are presented from the least to the highest effect on the overall test automation system.

1. Purchasing the wrong tool


  • Take time before defining the tool requirements in terms of applications, people skills, technology, process and organization.
  • Involve potential users in order to define evaluation criteria as well as tool requirements.
  • Build an evaluation scorecard for comparing the tools’ performance against a set of
  • common criteria.
  • Perform a POC (proof of concept) as opposed to an assessment.

2. Incompetent test team organization


  • In the testing team involve a test scriptor who is comfortable to work with code and capable of taking the basic testing which has been developed by a testing analyst.
  • The person should also have the knowledge of converting it into an automated script.
  • With basic scripting concepts initially start simply to add complexity later.

3. Lack of support management


  • Communicate that it takes planning and time to build a steady foundation of the right tools, processes and people.
  • Present the challenges along with the benefits while making the case to management for acquiring testing tools.
  • Reinforce management for carrying a good amount of influence in the way people are going to accept automated testing tools.
  • Keep the management informed about tool progress and other related issues that arise.

4. Incomplete test type coverage


  • When evaluating tools, prioritize what types of evaluation are the most challenging to your success. Then evaluate the candidate tools on those criteria.
  • Understand the tools as well as their tradeoffs. In order to get higher levels of type coverage of test, you may need to utilize a multiple tool solution. For example, you may need to combine the playback or capture tool along with a load test tool for the purpose of covering your performance test cases.
  • Remind people that 100% test type coverage cannot be possible. However, after having 80% of the automation tests, you can manually deal with the rest.

5. Incompetent tool training


  • In the tool proposal include money for the purpose of training at least a core section of people.
  • Choose the most applicable topics for training to match people.
  • Organize tool training performed by a vendor at your location to use your own application as
  • exercise.
  • For 3 or 4 weeks, get a skilled consultant who is experienced in tool training.

6. Lack of acceptance and tool ownership


  • You are recommended not to cut the tool training. Training never guarantees success, but you may be at risk of technological abandonment without it.
  • In your organization, include someone for the job of a tool smith. This person will be the resident expert on the testing tools.
  • It takes the management to emphasize on the tool effort and usage is an essential part required for the testing process.

7. Lack of a basic understanding of test process or what to test


Create a list of evaluation criteria for functionality that you are looking forward to considering while using the automated testing tool. These criteria include:

  • Repeatability of tests
  • Risk or complexity of applications
  • Ease of automation
  • Simplicity of operation
  • Level of documentation of the functional requirements.
  • Analyze your existing set of test scripts and cases to see which ones are most applicable.
  • Examine your latest testing procedure and find out where it needs to be adjusted for applying automated testing tools.
  • Try and make changes in the latest ways you execute tests.
  • Involve professionals who will be using the tool for the purpose of helping in designing the automated testing method.

8. Lack of management processes of configuration


  • Consider the people as well as processes that are required to manage the test scripts or automated testing.
  • Look for tools which accommodate changes gracefully to the user interface.
  • Trace automated test scripts as part of the configuration set of an application.
  • Include the potential automation test SCM person in evaluating testing tools and their respective offerings of test management.

9. Lack of tool interoperability and compatibility


  • Select tools having cross-platform capability as much as possible.
  • Consider writing bridging scripts, as well as shell scripts possibly in non-proprietary scripting languages like Tcl.
  • Critically evaluate whether the ability of performing cross-platform testing is a strong requirement.

10. Lack of tool accessibility


  • If obtaining a quality technical fit is an issue, find information regarding lesser-known testing tools by networking with other testers.
  • Try and find tools that is going to work between platforms.
  • Use free or low priced tools in order to investigate the possibilities of building your own testing tools.

It is important to understand that even the organizations that have developed core competencies in dealing with test automation also struggle with these challenges at times. Although, herein the challenges are only focused, there are a number of benefits that can be accomplished from test automation. Tools are a part of an efficient test approach, but not the overall approach. A workable process executed by motivated and trained staff is needed in a controlled environment. Successful software automation tests are possible if the basic issues are managed and addressed.

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