Software Stress Testing Protects Enterprise Apps

An organization has option to evaluate the quality of an enterprise application through both manual and automated software testing options. But the test strategy must consider evaluating both functional as well as non-functional aspects of the application. Along with the look, feel, features and functionalities of the software, it is also important to test beyond its normal operational capacity. Software stress testing is used to determine the stability and operational capacity of an application.

QA testing servicesThe key objective of the non-functional testing is to ensure that the enterprise apps do not crash in the live environment due to insufficient memory, disk space or other computational resources. Along with considering the correct behavior of the enterprise application under normal circumstances, the testing further aim to protect it in production environment by emphasizing on availability, robustness and error handing under a heavy load.

How to Protect Enterprise Apps in Live Environment through Stress Testing

Finds Critical Memory Problems
Often enterprise apps crash due to lack of adequate memory. But the flaws will not reflect in a single instance. So stress tests need to be carried out constantly to find the critical memory problems and concurrency bugs. A simple and straightforward stress test is further effective in identifying all flaws that makes the application crash. The QA engineers can simply keep on putting additional load on the server to decide the stress level required to make the software crash.

Automate Tests
The application needs to be tested repeatedly and beyond its normal operational capacity. Unlike load testing, stress testing aims to determine the load under which the application crashes, along with what causes the failure. So the testing must be carried out continuously to ensure that the app does not crash in live environment. As the test cases need to be executed repeatedly can be automated to get better results, stress testing can also be automated. An organization also has option to choose from several stress testing tools to save both time and effort.

Continuous Integration
Along with stress testing automation, an organization also needs to concentrate on continuous integration. As most enterprises do not automate the deployment process completely, the chances of human error increase substantially. Thus, continuous integration becomes essential to minimize these potential manual errors. However, an enterprise has to invest in custom hardware to facilitate continuous integration. But the tools and hardware procured for stress testing automation can be used to integrate additional tests at the enterprise level.

Deploy Developers
In addition to the hardware, continuous integration will further require the involvement of developers and operations. The automated tests must be developed and coded properly. Similarly, the hardware must be maintained on a regular basis. So each organization has to make and implement a continuous integration strategy by involving the app developers, QA engineers and operations. The seamless coordination between these distinct teams will make it easier to decide the load under which the application crashes.

Keep Adding Heavy Load
The stress testing can be further effectuated by putting heavy loads to make the enterprise app struggle. It is always important to keep in mind that the stress testing software applications are being executed with the sole aim of making the app struggle as the load increase. Along with increasing the level of load applied on the app constantly, the stress testing needs to be done again and again without allowing the app to recover even once. The performance of an application under heavy load can be determined accurately only by trying to break it.

However, stress testing must be integrated seamlessly with load, fail-over, reliability, baseline and targeted infrastructures to generate more accurate and reliable test results. The test results can also be used to take several important decisions related to the launch and promotion of the specific enterprise application.

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