Crowdsourced Software Testing – 2 Approaches

Each enterprise finds it a daunting challenge to implement the software testing strategy effectively. In addition to being labor-intensive, software QA processes further require efficient collaboration between software developers, testers and users. So a constant increase is noted in the number of companies adopting crowdsourced testing solutions. The innovative form of software testing enables organizations to avail the combined advantages of crowdsourcing and Cloud computing. Unlike conventional software QA methods, crowdsourced testing can be performed by community of external expert QA engineers working from different location.

software testing servicesThe organization is, thus, not required to hire any experienced testers and consultants to test the application in a realistic environment. However, each enterprise has several options to access to the crowd. In addition to using a self-service model to access the crowd, an organization can consider availing crowdsourced testing solutions through managed service provides. Also, a company can avail both self-serviced and managed crowdsourced testing solutions. It is always important for an organization to choose the crowdsourced testing solutions according to the nature and significance of a specific task.

Two Distinct Approaches to Crowdsourced Software Testing

Self-Service Crowdsourced Testing Solutions

As the name indicates under this approach, an organization has to set up the test, manage the project and evaluate the requirements internally. The organization has to deploy external testers to evaluate the application under real-world conditions during the development phase. Some enterprise level companies even get the QA done through their existing customer base. As the testers work from different locations, documentation is essential to ensure adequate test coverage. At the same time, the organization also needs to make the issues traceable and reproducible. Once the application is evaluated by the participating testers, the test results needs to be integrated and analyzed by the internal team.

That is why; the resource requirements will vary according to the size and nature of individual processes. However, each company has to consider several factors before adopting the self-service model. Along with evaluating various aspects of the project in detail, it also needs to decide the resources required by the setup. Also, it must have adequate manpower to manage the testing project internally based on the documentation provided by the crowd. The enterprise further has to deploy an in-house team to setup and manage the software QA projects effectively. On the whole, an organization must have to capacity to setup an internal environment to get the software tested by through self-service crowdsourced testing solutions.

Managed Crowdsourced Testing Solutions

The concept of managed crowdsourced testing is similar to that of project outsourcing. Most companies opt for managed crowdsourced software testing solution to save time, money and efforts. Each organization also has option to choose from several crowdsourced testing solution providers. But the managed crowdsourced testing solutions are more expensive in comparison to the self-service method. Also, the enterprise has to avail managed solutions from the right company by keeping in mind the specific details of the project. At the same time, the company also needs to decide if its budget allows it to avail managed crowdsourced testing solutions from a reputable firm.

While availing managed crowdsourced testing solution, an enterprise must define how to document each test. Each external tester must provide screenshots, screencasts and written documents to make the issues reproducible. It is always a good idea to avail managed solution for large and complex projects to save both time and money. Also, the managed services must be integrated seamlessly with the internal processes to avail benefits in the longer run. However, each company can avail managed services initially to check if crowdsourced testing works for it.

An organization can always consider combining both self-service and managed crowdsourced testing solution to avail better results. At the same time, it must compare the cost and efforts required to test a software application under these approached to take the right decision.

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