Can Companies Thrive Without Software Testing?

Software testing has of late become an absolutely indispensable criterion so far as progress of companies is concerned. This is one activity that no company can ignore as that will have a disastrous impact on their progress and goodwill in the market, especially taking into account the cutthroat competition that is prevailing.

software testing indiaNow let us look into, why it becomes difficult for the companies to survive without software testing. In the present day business scenario, when each and every customer would like to pay only for picture perfect products, SW evaluation is an absolute necessity. Today’s customers need the products to be implemented as well as installed faster in order to have an edge over their competitors and this is where the real challenge lies. Successful implementation of key as well as value added features within a short period of time and on time delivery of SW to the clients are the keys to the progress of a company. This is only possible if the software is properly tested by trained professionals for a considerable period of time before the delivery. After all, who would like to accept defective software and work with the same? Hence, a thorough SW evaluation is the first and foremost condition of a product’s success, which in turn helps the business to thrive from the clients’ point of view as well as that of the developer’s.

Again, one should keep in mind that software development is a continuous process. A good company would always continuously come up with newer versions of software it has developed. Hence, it needs to maintain a tight schedule to meet deadlines. Therefore, there is a continuous shortage of time which needs to be countered while releasing newer software versions. At times, these tight schedules are reasons enough for bugs to pile up on software products. It is here where the need for evaluation or debugging arises.

Usually, evaluation is considered as one of the phases in the lifecycle of SW systems. However, one school of thought suggests that there is need of these tests in every phase of a product. Therefore, how can a company do without these evaluation processes?

In fact, in SDLC or Software Development Life Cycle, evaluation plays an extremely crucial role that helps in the improvement of performance, quality, as well as the reliability of the software in question.

The main objective behind SW evaluation is to reduce the risks that are associated with SW development. When we speak about risks, they are both technical as well as programmatic, i.e. the risk of the software not performing as intended or getting too complicated or difficult to operate or modify, maintain or browse. All these are taken care of during examining the functionality of the SW. Naturally, software testing would definitely help a company to live up to the goodwill and reputation that it has built over the years.

Most importantly, once a certain benchmark is set, that needs to be met and even crossed during subsequent period of time by a company and it is the practice of SW evaluation that helps the company in question in that.

Now surely a business can avoid the practice of SW evaluation. However, it will be an extremely risky affair for it, especially in its efforts to meet customer satisfaction. It can well fail to meet the customer requirement in terms of customization as well as quality and if that happens, that will be a huge blow to its goodwill. That is why, each and every business would like to be dead sure as well as confident about the quality of the product they are offering to their clients. Hence, there should be no prize for guessing, that no business would thrive without the contribution of SW testing.

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Challenges of Automated Testing in Agile Environment

A constant increase is noted in the number of organizations adopting agile methodologies. But each organization faces several challenges while testing a software application in agile environment. As many reports have highlighted the traditional test management and automation tools are not flexible enough to complement a faster moving development environment.

While testing complex projects in agile environment, the QA professional also have to address issues related to the resources, different geographic locations of teams and development technologies. That is why; it is essential for each organization to understand and address the challenges to optimize automated testing in agile environment.

4 Common Challenges of Test Automation in Agile Environment

automation testing1) Picking the Right Test Automation Tools
Nowadays, an enterprise has option to choose from several commercial and open source test automation tools. Most organizations compare these tools based on their individual features and prices. But often enterprises fail to identify the hidden flaws in a tool like inadequate support for the application, and lack of reliability.

An organization has to consider several factors to choose the right test automation tools for a specific project. Along with reading the features and price of the commercial tool, the user must analyze the feedback and recommendation of other users who have already use the tool in agile environment. Likewise, he must opt for the open source test automation tools that are supported by a large and active community.

2) When to Begin Test Automation Development
While developing in agile environment, organizations often start test automation development in the early stages of the project. But the features and functionalities of complex software applications keeps changing till the end of iteration. So the testers have to modify and redevelop the test automation scripts to optimize the unit test, performance test and API test results.

The quality assurance (QA) team can always save their time and effort by creating detailed and comprehensive manual test cases. The manual cases will make it easier for the testers to automate the tests, while addressing the modifications efficiently. However, an organization can still get the test au””tomation scripts early, when it is sure that the tests will not be affected by current iterations.

3) Including Relevant Test Automation Framework Development Tasks
The conventional agile workflow does not encourage testers to include test automation framework development tasks with no user points. But the automated testing results in agile environment are affected by the choice of test automation tools and frameworks. So a business must not underestimate the need for these frameworks.

As most organizations invest a substantial amount in tools, they get the framework developed by test automation engineers. So they have to decide the amount of time required to build a custom test automation framework. Normally, the framework development will require about two weeks time that equals the normal agile iteration. The product, however, needs to be tested manually during the period. Once the custom framework is developed, it can be easily included in the agile development environment.

4) Test Case Selection
In agile environment, QA professionals often find it daunting to choose the test cases for automation. Many organizations even affect the software testing results adversely by automating all test cases. But the QA team must choose and automate the right test cases to achieve both quality and efficiency, while saving their time and efforts.

An organization must evaluate each test case in detail to decide if needs to be automated. It is also important to automate the higher priority cases from the very beginning. The automation will help QA professionals to run the test cases with different system configurations, platforms and different sets of data. The proper selection of test cases for automation will further make it easier for the organization to reduce investment in test automation tools and frameworks.

With more and more organizations adopting agile methodologies, it has become essential for testers to understand how to automate the testing process to make the project successful. The software QA professionals must consider implementing best practices to overcome the challenges of automated testing in agile environment.

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Appium – The Most Versatile among All Other Mobile Automation Tools

The right automation tool can make a huge difference to the mobile application development project. In addition to reducing the time and effort required to complete the project, the tool will also contribute towards improving the app’s performance. A constant increase is also noted in the number of enterprises that build the same application by targeting multiple mobile platforms.

Appium tool expertsMany organizations rely on open source test automation tools like Appium to automate both native and hybrid mobile apps. At present, Appium supports several platforms including iOS, Android and FirefoxOS. So the developers can easily automate both native and hybrid apps by targeting different platforms. At the same time, Appium is also considered to be more versatile among the mobile app automation tools.

What Makes Appium More Versatile than Other Mobile App Automation Tools?

Option to Write Tests in Any WebDriver-Compatible Language
Often testers need to learn multiple programming languages to test the performance of a specific mobile app across different platforms. But Appium allows the professionals to test the mobile apps using Selenium WebDriver. Thus, they have option to write tests using a several programming languages compatible with the WebDriver including Ruby, C#, Objective-C, Java, PHP, Python, Perl, and JavaScript with Node.js. Further, they can use any testing framework to increase the speed and efficiency of the testing process.

Creates and Controls WebDriver Sessions through a Web Server
As an HTTP server, Appium is effective in creating and handling WebDriver sessions. It can further create and handle multiple WebDriver sessions for several platforms like iOS and Android. The tool can be used to start the test case on a device that initiates communication with the server, and receives proxy commands from the main Appium server. However, the way and mechanism to run a test case on the device vary from one mobile platform to another. So Appium runs the test case by listening to the commands from the server.

Provides a Record and Playback Tool for Native Apps
The user also have option to avail the benefits of Appium Inspector, a record and playback tool to automate native apps. The tool is designed in a manner similar to Selenium IDE for Web browsers. It generated test scripts according to the actions executed in the inspector. Appium can further inspect the DOM, and generate test scripts in a programming language preferred by the user. However, the Appium Inspector is not currently compatible with Microsoft Windows.

Adopt a Free and Open Testing Protocol
The WebDriver further enabled QA professionals to rely on a mobile application testing protocol that is both free and open. So they are not required to get struck in some proprietary stack. Unlike Apple’s UIAutomation library, Appium does not require users to write test using JavaScript. Likewise, the automation tool, unlike the Google’s UiAutomator, does not require users to write tests only in Java. Thus, Appium enables users to experience authentic cross-platform native mobile automation by overcoming the limitations of Apple’s UIAutomation library and Google’s UiAutomator.

No Need to Include Additional Agents in the App
As a dynamic mobile app automation tool, Appium allows users to carry out the same test on several mobile operating systems. Unlike other mobile automation tools, Appium does not require developers to include extra agents in the app to make the automation smoother. The tool makers also believe in the testing philosophy that the same user must test the same app that he is going to submit in the app stores. The feature further helps users in reducing the automation cost by not investing in additional agents or third-party libraries.

Unlike other tools Appium doesn’t require you to include some extra agents in your app to make it automation friendly. It believes in the philosophy of testing the same app which we are going to submit in the app store.

Along with the native and hybrid mobile apps, Appium can also be used to automate web applications. However, the cross-platform mobile app automation tool must be configured properly for each mobile platform to deliver optimized and fast results.

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Is Automated Testing A Must For Successful Companies?

Automated testing is becoming more and more popular of late. Especially when it comes to the successful running of companies, this type of analysis has become all the more indispensable. With technology changing so fast, businesses need to keep pace with this drastic change in order to stay in the competition and excel. Automatic analysis is one of the best ways to do so and the tools that are constantly being innovated, help a lot in this.

test automation servicesThere are a number of advantages that are associated with automatic evaluation as well as successful usage of the tools that are used therein. In fact, it is really a worthwhile investment for the companies that are into software development. The first and foremost advantage of this type of evaluation is that it negates any probability of human error. However, though these tests are fully automated, this does not mean that the use of these testing tools would render the mechanism of software development absolutely error-free whatsoever. Still, even if there is any error, they will be negligible and can be rectified with little or no effort at all.

The results that automatic evaluation of software comes up with are considered extremely reliable. As such these results help in the development of business activities in the most promising way. This can be attributed to the tools that are used for automated software evaluation. Consistency is another extremely important factor that makes automated testing an imperative, for a growth of a successful business. The tools are designed in such a way that they are not only programmable but are also repeatable. This provides a huge advantage to the software development businesses.

Here are some of the factors that make automatic analysis a must for development as well as the growth of a company.

Automated testing helps in time along with cost cut
For ensuring quality, software tests need to be repeated during the development cycles. Each time the source codes are modified, the tests are repeated for evaluation of the hardware configurations and the supporting OS. Repeating these tests manually will cost too much of time as well as costs. Thus, these automated tests can go on for hours, days or even for weeks with involvement of no extra costs whatsoever. Thus, these automated software testing reduces time and money as this time-saving ultimately converges into cost cut.

They increase the level of accuracy
When you go for manual testing, there is a high chance of the tester to commit mistakes, even if the best as well as the most experienced tester is appointed. On the other hand, automatic tests can perform the same steps in a much more precise way during each execution and the results that are arrived at, are more or less highly accurate.

Increase the coverage
This type of testing always increases the depth as well as the scope of tests and this helps the businesses to improve the quality of the software that is being developed. This is particularly important in the case of tests that take a lot of time to be completed. These lengthy evaluations that are generally avoided during manual testing can be run without the need of constant monitoring. This increases the coverage area in spite of the fact that it does not need too much of human intervention. Thus, the testers do not have to carry out repetitive analysis. Thus they can channelize the saved time to do some other activities, including creating new software.

This QA testing helps the testers and SW developers
Software developers use the shared automated tests, for spotting various problems and follow it up by debugging them promptly before the software is sent for quality analysis. Tests can be run automatically whenever the changes in source code are checked. This feature immensely helps the developers as well as testers, decrease testing time and does a world of good to their confidence.

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