Implementing Agile QA Process on Scrum Projects- 6 Best Practices

Before discussing the 6 best practices of implementing Agile QA process on Scrum Projects, let us discuss at first what Scrum is. Scrum can be defined as an Agile approach of software development that puts primary emphasis on delivery of valuable features of business in short developmental iterations that vary from two to four weeks. The teams generally have two specific characteristics that define their skills – they are cross functional and self organizing. Cross functionality of the teams makes sure that they have the skill as well as the expertise of doing the necessary jobs and the fact that they are self-organizing means that they figure out the process that will be the best to do the job.

qa and testing servicesNow going back to the iterations, as and when they start to flow for a particular team, the team is subject to a new kind of pressure. They are required to maintain a strict deadline (that varies from 2 to 4 weeks as mentioned previously) while testing as well as delivery of the software.

Under such pressure of production along with delivery, the teams cannot rely merely on their old practices of programming, but have to innovate newer practices. The coding practices need to become more agile, as well as capable of changing things faster, and sooner. This is where the Agile teams make a difference. The Agile teams have discovered that the code is more extensible and with low defect, with the simplest of robust designs working for the features that are currently being implemented. Hence, it has become almost a daily routine to find an agile team that has come up with several non-XP customer practices that make things easier. Let us discuss 6 best of them as per the priority list.

1. Ensuring that the SMEs and the members of business team have the knowledge that is needed

This particular practice categorically makes sure that the staff who are involved in quick iterations are experienced and experts in the practice, so as to quicken the iteration and reduce the customary delays. For instance, a member who is representing financial customers needs to be absolutely familiar with the requirements of those customers.

2. Enhance migration to Agile concepts by using various Agile terms as well as examples

Specific Agile terms and examples need to be used for enhancing migration to the Agile concepts. For instance, terms like requirements need to be replaced by user stories, while the ones like Project Management Office need to be replaced by terms like Agile Center of Excellence.

3. Creation of a physical environment or ambience that is conducive to the concept of collaboration

There should be a common practice of co-locating the team in a room where the members can meet and can interact with each other unabatedly. There are, however, other ways of enhancing the collaboration and that include reorganizing office spaces and using tools for connecting remote staffs.

4. Identification of measurable outcomes of what one needs to accomplish by using Agile

This is another very effective practice that yields the best results. A very pertinent example of this practice is the creation of a vision statement of project outcomes instead of outputs. Vision statements may include decrease in the amount of processing time by a specific amount during a set time and outputs may include the total amount of code that is produced.

5. Negotiation for adjusting the oversight requirements for a more Agile approach

This is another practice that helps the team in adjusting the oversight requirements with the use of frequent as well as tangible demonstrations for gaining the trust of the investors as well as the reviewers, thereby potentially reducing the requirements of the more official oversight database as well as documents.

6. Accelerating the delivery with the use of the latest automated tools

This is another practice that is one of the best, especially when it comes to tracking various software modifications along with the compliant development sites that help customers to conceptualize the software in a domain that meets the required security as well as the architectural benchmarks.

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Benefits of Hiring ISTQB Certified Testers for Your Testing Project

ISTQB or International Software Testing Qualifications Board is an internationally acclaimed organization, which provides certification of software testing qualification that is accepted by companies all over the world. ISTQB certification is the standard qualification for the S/W testers that is based on a particular syllabus and comes in the form of a definite hierarchy along with some accreditation as well as examination guidelines.

web application testingA majority of the modern companies nowadays hires software evaluators who are ISTQB certified because of the fact that there are certain added advantages of hiring these professionals. A lot of S/W companies as well as enterprise IT departments nowadays looks for trusted partners who are capable of offering complete testing solutions by utilizing the best working resources. This is why they are opting for ISTQB certified testers. Let us discuss the advantages one by one.

These professionals help reduce the defects of the software development

As per market research, it is revealed that a synergistic amalgamation of prevention of defects, pre-test removal of defects, as well as a formal evaluation of the S/W packages by ISTQB certified professionals can help the companies reach almost 99 percent efficiency in terms of defect detection along with fixing, backed by significant reduction of costs and shortening of development schedules.

Significant reduction of development of cost

These testers help companies to qualify for various low cost, yet value added insurance packages and that understandably benefits modern companies by resulting in a significant amount of cost savings in the long run.

These personnel help in faster delivery of packages

The test managers of the companies are of the opinion that use of ISTQB certified pool of software testing knowledge leads to a much better as well as faster communication along with a greater efficiency among as well as, across the development teams.

Provides an international or global tinge to the companies

ISTQB S/W testing certification is the effectual global standard of expertise that is accepted all over the world. Naturally, hiring certified professionals provide the companies a global flavor that is too strong to be ignored.

These certified personnel are budget-friendly

The certification of International Software Testing Qualifications Board does not involve any expansive course. That is the reason any employee can undergo these courses by self-studying, and use in-house trainers and utilize ASTQB accredited education without shelling out too much expense and without hampering the daily works.

It gives the employees enough flexibility to choose the education

The testers, once ISTQB certified are able to choose their syllabus as well as examination topics. They can use self-study methods and hence become too much flexible. This provides them a lot of impetus so far as performance is concerned and this naturally has a positive impact on the overall performance of the company, so far as the quality of work is concerned.

Hence, in a nutshell, hiring software evaluation professionals having this qualification have a lot of advantages that can be summarized in the following ways.

Having a string of certified staff provides a lot of competitive edge to the companies. Besides, this competitive edge helps these organizations to immensely benefit from adoption of structured as well as streamlined practicing methods of software testing along with optimization of testing activities.

Companies that hire ISTQB certification accredited staff have the benefit of providing high end services to the customers, thereby increasing the revenue and their brand value. Moreover, adoption of various schemes of ISTQB helps a particular organization, in remaining up to date with various software testing innovations. Besides, formal global recognition of the business organizations who have adopted the certification becomes much easier.

The reason behind global accreditation of ISTQB Foundation is also due to the fact that it demonstrates much higher extent of expertise, professional sharpness, along personal ambition of the software testers. Thus, the S/W professionals who have this particular certification to their credit have a significant advantage over the non-certified counterparts, particularly when it comes to being hired by various frontline software development companies.

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