The best testing tools of 2014

Why testing tools: If anything that starts with the very beginning of any project and that ends with the project is nothing but testing. Testing is an integrated part of any software development application. Industry understands the importance of testing and hence all the major IT companies focus more on a testing than others. Because they know that testing is the key of success of any software application or product. They use to have a dedicated QA team to deal with all types of testing methodologies. Before a decade testing was performed by manual testers but, with time industry realized that for quality and efficient testing we need some software tools which can test an application thoroughly and quickly. These software tools are also known as automation testing tools. They are gaining a tremendous popularity in a very less span of time due to their efficiency and accuracy. Today we will discuss about some of the industry leading automation testing tools in our topic.

application software testing

Telerik: This is a reputed automation testing tools of the industry having the capability to test different types of applications like web application, native apps, desktop apps, mobile apps etc. We can also test the performance of an application using Telerik test studio. Moreover we can test the modern HTML5, AJAX, WPF Apps etc using Telerik. Telerik test studio can be used to test all the functional part of any application along with load testing.

HP Unified Functional Testing Software: This is previously known as QTP automation testing tool. Since it is the product of HP, we can expect an industry standard quality from the software. QTP is popular in desktop application testing specially windows operating system. Well, we must mention that QTP can only be used in windows operating system. If it has some limitation then, it also has some important features to sustain in the market. The best part is it does not require more languages to learn like Selenium rather a QTP tester can handle the testing process using only VBScript. So, a QTP automation tester can test any application using VBScript testcases. QTP can be used for both desktop and web app testing; so it is a big plus for the testers. QTP is taken into consider when we think of huge applications build in windows operating system like Java desktop applications and others.

Selenium: This is a modern era testing software because; it deals with web applications and android apps. It is extremely popular among the automation testers in recent period. To use Selenium, the automation tester have to learn different scripting languages like Java, .Net, Python etc in order to test different apps build in those languages. Using Selenium, a tester can test native apps for android platform and also HTML5 web pages. To add this, Selenium automation testers can test their apps in different platforms like windows, UNIX, MAC, Android etc. So, we can say it is a fully loaded modern automation testing tool. Well, it has only drawback that it can’t be used for windows desktop application testing purpose.

Besides above, there are many other automation testing tools in the industry which are extremely popular like Robotium and Appium etc.

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