Why testing is important for your software application

Software testing is the process of assessing different parameters of an application that will determine the functionality, efficiency and productivity of the application. But, how much important is it? Do we need it? Let’s find out…

Testing determines the fate of an application!! Industry respects testers as Mirror!; Because, the tester reflects the exact status of an application so that the developer can take immediate actions for the improvement of the application. Moreover, tester behaves like a connection link between the end user and the developer. Tester tests an application from the end user’s point of view and gives feedbacks to the developer for improvement, bug fixing etc. On the contrary, developer is unable to trace the errors in the user experience because, he is aware of the background processes. As a result, a developer never find it difficult to access his application. To avoid this unfavourable situation, testers are there in the industry. To add this, when a tester tests an application thoroughly it results in a better output and better output means better future! Isn’t?

qa testing services

Testing refines the application or product: Software development process is a complicated process in which there is many iterations, modifications in codebase due to changing demand, versioning problems etc. To avoid all these things or we can say to convert the complicated process to simple, we have to take the help of testers. Testers will guide the developer throughout the development process. They will pay attention to all the requirements of the client and the user simultaneously and accordingly check the application thoroughly for the proper output. If they find any issue in the application, they will immediately inform the same to the developer to fix it. Moreover, they will also test the user experience of the application that plays an important role for the success of an application; because the user will decide whether they will accept it or reject it. So, we can say tester refines the quality of the application.

Proper testing leads to efficient, optimized and quality output: Well, if a tester performs his duty with proper care, then the output will be extraordinary. Tester can improve the quality of an application or product to a large extent through proper screening of the application. Tester not only checks all the functionality of the application but also tests the reliability of the application. Reliability means the application should behave as usual under any circumstance. It is extremely important from the user’s point of view. Moreover, tester is also responsible for efficiency test like checking different bottlenecks of the application, assessing the load time etc. All these testing will improve the efficiency of the application and hence result in an optimized application.

Last but not the least, tester also tests different compatibility checks like browser compatibility, platform compatibility etc. Future relies on smart devices and we must ensure our application is compatible for different smart operating systems like android, iOS or windows etc. For the same, a tester can take the help of different automation testing tools that will result in error free testing results!!

You can hire software testing companies in India who can help you accomplish testing within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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