An Insight into the Rise in Mobile Testing Demand

Recently, a number of reports highlighted that a gradual increase is noted in the number of organizations who have comprehensive processes in place for testing mobile apps. Most mobile app developers, nowadays, realize the significance of delivering a flawless mobile application for getting higher ROI. An organization can accomplish several objectives by implementing a formal mobile app testing strategy. The strategy will help the organizations in keeping the end users engaged, and boost both productivity and sales through personal interaction. However, there are several factors that make mobile app testing essential for each organization.

mobile app testing

Why Each Organization Must Implement Mobile Application Testing Strategy?

Wide Range of Mobile Devices and Platforms
As noted earlier, most organizations nowadays prefer building cross-platform mobile apps to get higher ROI. So they need to ensure that the apps deliver flawless user experience across popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. At the same time, they need to allow users to access the app on their smartphones, tablets, phablets or wearable devices. Thus, each organization needs to make and implement a formal mobile testing strategy to make its application work seamlessly on different mobile devices and platforms.

Frequent Updates
Large companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft frequently update their mobile operating systems with new features and revamped interfaces. So the mobile app makers need to ensure that their applications are compatible with the most recent version of iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Further, to captivate the users, the applications must take advantages of the new features of the latest version of the mobile platform. So the organizations must upgrade the mobile app at regular intervals, and test them thoroughly to check their compatibility with the newly released mobile platform.

Richer User Experience
To optimize user experience, the developers must focus on several technical aspects. They must check how the mobile app works on different devices and platform to assess user experience. At the same time, they also need to conduct usability testing to ensure that the app is simple and user-friendly. Likewise, they need to test the functionality and services of the application in both online and offline mode. That is why; each organization must implement a formal mobile testing strategy to ensure that the quality as well as performance guidelines are met.

Changing Performance of the Mobile App
The speed and performance of a mobile app will have a direct impact on the user experience. But the performance of an application can be affected due to several factors. For instance, while using the app, the user can use various internet connections including Wi-FI, 2G, 3G or 4G. Thus, the user’s choice of internet connection will affect the application’s performance. Likewise, the users will not prefer using apps that drain their device’s battery. So the performance of the mobile app must be evaluated in various setting and environments to boost its performance and user experience.

Security Threats
Most people, nowadays, use mobile devices for business and professional purposes. Many companies even provide mobile devices to their employees to make them more productive. So the mobile apps must not affect the security of the user’s personal information and sensitive business data. That is why; the developers must test the app to eliminate security threats. As part of security testing, the developers need to identify and fix all bugs or loopholes in the app. Further, they need to test each functionality of the application to combat security threats. However, mobile app security testing must be an ongoing process as new security threats can emerge at anytime.

The app developers have option to use a variety of tools to effectuate and speedup mobile app testing. Many experienced developers currently rely on cloud-based testing tools to easily assess an application’s look, feel and performance across multiple mobile devices. These tools have further made it easier for startup companies and independent developers to implement a formal strategy for testing their mobile apps.

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