Top 7 Software Testing Myths

Testing is an easy task: This is the biggest myth for testing profession. Usually developers believe that testing is an easy task but the fact is different. Testing was never easy otherwise automation testing tools wouldn’t have born. The tester tests each and every loopholes of an application thoroughly so that the end user will get better quality user experience. Hence we can’t compromise on the quality of testing at any cost and for the same we have to give enough effort and time for testing.

Software Testing Consulting Services

Test planning is an unnecessary process: Many professionals believe that test plan is not at all required for software applications preferably for smaller applications; but it is proved that test planning makes the whole testing process not only systematic but also efficient enough. Without test plan you may end with a bogus application or product that will definitely cause fatal situation for the project.

We didn’t make any mistake: Sometimes we find testers claiming that they have performed similar types of testing before and hence they are not going to make any mistake in this project as well. Later on they may end up with a crash. This is due to over confidence of testers and their negligence. They must understand each and every project is different from others and they must concentrate on every tiny aspects of the application for a refined output.

No formal skill development training is required to be a professional tester: This is one of the biggest problems of the industry that hires professionals for testing purpose without looking for any prior experience or expertise in the field. If you want better quality of testing, you must hire highly skilled and experienced testers for your software firm.

Testing is started when the development process is completed: This is yet another misunderstanding that remains among a large number of tech guys; but the fact is that testing is the only process that starts before the development process, remains during the development process and ends after the development process. Hence it is unwise to say testing comes after the development process.

If you have automation testing tool, you need not keep any manual tester: In 21st century we have seen a tremendous demand for automation testing tools like Selenium, QTP and Robotium etc. Well automation testing tools help in decreasing the effort and time of testing to a large extent but at the same time we can’t rely on those software tools entirely. There are many circumstances those arise during the development process require strong treatment from highly experienced software testers. Hence it is always better to keep some manual testers in your organisation for quality testing purpose.

Testers don’t like developers: Yes! This is the biggest myth of the industry that testers don’t like developers and they try to put developers in problem by firing or reporting as many bugs as possible. But the fact is that, testers love to decode the loopholes of an application and if he is unable to do it properly, then he will not be treated as a smart tester. Hence we should understand the importance of testers before we blame them unnecessarily.

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