Few Best Methods to Implement Agile QA Process on Projects

Agile QA (Quality Assurance) Process is a procedure of software testing, which follows various principles of agile software development. The practice involves all the members of a cross functional agile development and testing team, with major role played by the testers so as to ensure a seamless delivery of business values desired by the customers concerned at regular intervals.

qa and testing servicesEffective Quality Assurance process offers a multitude of benefits, particularly when it comes to bridging the gap between IT and business. However, its benefits cannot be enjoyed to the fullest extent till certain methods are not obtained while implementing the process. Therefore, let us discuss some of the best practices of Agile QA process implementation, especially when it comes to implementing it in any complex environment.

Giving importance to estimation based on size
Size based estimation has always been one of the most trustworthy as well as tried and tested practices of the environment of conventional software development. However, when it comes to Agile QA process, it mainly uses a comparatively quicker as well as a livelier form of effort estimation that involves multiple sprints. Contracts that involve fixed pricing generally demand the predictability of the techniques of size-based estimation.

The initial cost of the practice is normally based on a higher definition of the expected scope of work or functionality along with the contract, based on the size of the functionality that is to be delivered to the client along with the cost of per unit size. However, to support the character of agile, the actual functionality that is delivered at the end of the day might be different from what was estimated or stipulated.

Effective Specifications
The first and foremost principle of agile testing is that it is basically a futile exercise that is meant to lock down all the requirements in an outright manner. Now, on a number of occasions this phenomenon is used to negate the presence of any ineffective documentation whatsoever. Though ideally it is virtually impossible to document all the requirements straightaway, effective Quality Assurance process needs a rather lightweight, yet highly effective functional design specification.

Close collaboration with stakeholders
It is also imperative that a close collaboration along with the availability of the stakeholders is maintained for carrying out the discussion regarding the project requirements. Delay in clarification of requirements might result in unnecessary strain on the development team due to shortage of sprint time. In case of offshore models, this comes in particularly important as the scope of interaction with the customers get limited due to the difference in time zones as well as the physical or geographical distance between the two sides.

Hence, in these cases the best practice that can be maintained is to have a dedicated team that will take care of designing the user stories from the backlog of the product. This can be done utilizing an initial order of priority and fleshing it out in an ideal factory model, by following a more stringent and at the same time, an upfront schedule of implementation.

Maintaining the right architecture
Architecture is another extremely important factor that poses challenges in an Agile QA process implementation. One of the most common mistakes that people end up doing is ignoring the architecture so as to put more emphasis on satisfying the customer visible functionality. Lack of any feasible architecture ostensibly means that there is every possibility of the subsequent sprint time getting increasingly tight in terms of schedule.

It may also get problematic as well as fragile. Once that happens, the feasibility of the entire project gets affected seriously. Hence, the catch lies in the identification of the user stories that can have an impact on the project architecture and the introduction of the appropriate amount of architecture into the project itself. Again, instead of defining virtually everything straight away, thereby putting an unnecessary strain, it is better to define exactly what is required and leave enough space for subsequent evolution.

Maintenance of a Balanced Team
It is unlikely that each and every member of a large agile development and implementation team will have sizeable experience under his or her belt. The success of a team depends on a number of factors – more specifically, on the right combination of various mechanisms that include the right focus on the architecture, the design factory in question, and last but not the least the right practices and tools of development that are being used. Hence, instead of having a fairly large team it is better to have a relatively small team, which has the right balance and the expertise to come up with the best results.

The Right Strategies
A Quality Assurance process needs to take an E2E (end to end) journey centric point of view or perspective during the sprint planning process and subsequently prioritize the sequence related stories in a perfectly logical order. Placement of the test designers within an agile design factory along with an appropriate coordination between the execution team and the implementation team can facilitate an efficient as well as collaborative Agile Quality Assurance process. This is where the need for implementation of the right strategies lies.

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Selenium offers choice to developers

Selenium Automation Testing is implemented on Linux, windows, Macintosh, and in windows platforms. Selenium is actually an open source software testing tool designed for distribution in the apache license which is meant for download and for utilizing a distribution platform. Selenium can be defined as portable framework which is used for software testing for any of the web applications. Selenium gives record tools and those are generally known as playback tools and they are helpful to author tests without the need of grasping scripting language for those tests that is known as Selenium IDE. Selenium additionally offers the testers & the developers a choice for writing tests in a number of well known languages used in programming for example C#, Java, python, ruby as well as groovy. Making use of these kinds of well known languages facilitate the testers to run texts against many of the most popular in addition to well known web browsers for example the internet explorer and also chrome.

selenium automation testingThe progress of the selenium is the selenium grid which generally gives an overall hub for all the testers, so allowing the running of several selenium tests together with one another. This is usually a biggest progress in terms of Automation Testing because it assists in running a number of tests on any kind of necessary or desired range of remote and even local systems, therefore reducing enough time which is needed for implementation of such several tests by the great value once run independently. Selenium includes a wide range of Automation Testing Tools which makes it successful at the time for executing and the other type of significant component is a Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the Selenium tests. It’s an execution for Firefox extension, and then enables a variety of features including recording, editing along with running of the debugging tests to determine the cause of fault. The original name for the Selenium IDE had been Selenium recorder.

Form the help of major software testing companies in India, the selenium IDE is used in such a fashion where a variety of scripts become automatically recorded and also manually edited and therefore resulting to the provisioning in auto completion support and also the ability to move about commands through the fastest possible way. A unique testing script language for the selenium is recognized as Selenese and the language is the key for progress in the product since it gives commands in playing actions in a browser and eventually retrieving data which is shown in the resulting page. Selenium has actually evolved swiftly and turn into an important part of the technology which is used in testing a number of software associated with web applications therefore making its usage well-acknowledged and that is due to the number of features including the walk-through tests.

If you desire to develop robust, browser based regression automation, scale & distribute scripts throughout various environments. You then, might require to use Selenium WebDriver, a number of language specified bindings to-drive a browser the way in which it is supposed to be driven. Selenium WebDriver is a successor of the Selenium Remote Control that has been formally deplored. The Selenium Server utilized by both of the WebDriver and also Remote Control currently also features inbuilt grid capabilities.

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The Importance Of Software Testing For IT Businesses

Software testing is a crucial part in developing projects. Through this process information related to the quality of the software developed is evaluated by the programmer or developer. With rising competition it seems fair to launch the product before your competitors and fix the bugs later. It does sound appealing but this would not ensure success for your product. Rather comprehending the features of your product is more important in the daily activities and eventually, in the success of any business. At this stage, a developer can find out in details about the definite and expected outcome of its quality and this, further helps in debugging. Without testing it would be impossible to know about the consistency and overall performance of the product. Thus, in the software development lifecycle testing plays a crucial role.

application software testingIn order to spell success in the IT field it is important to produce software that will perform persistently and reliably. To achieve this end, companies focus on excellence. The process of software testing helps to identify bugs and methods to rectify them to ensure that the system runs accurately as well as to its full capacity. The method is, however, not an easy one where the developers regularly deal with coding and decoding. Testing is carried out through several weeks. This can be done in two ways: Manual and Automated. In the manual software testing process human testers check the code manually. The next step is to report the bugs. For the automated ones, software, like, LoadRunner or Winrunner is used. Most of the Java development companies prefer using the automated methods. It reduces the amount of manual work as well as speeds up the entire procedure. There are various tools that can be used but it is important that all the units are checked thoroughly to find bugs.

In this regard, it is crucial to note that all software might not be 100% bug free. Hence, the programmers must know when to stop. For instance, if you are scrutinizing for bugs for four weeks, by the end of the fourth week there might not be any errors. But this does not mean that there are no bugs. Even a well tested product might face functionality issues at the hands of an expert user. Testers might not be expert users. Hence, they might follow a procedure for checking basic functionality. But does this mean that software testing is avoidable. To ensure the robustness of your products, test early and frequently. This module works only if you are motivated to achieve quality from day one.

One of the main aims of software testing is so make sure that there are minimal maintenance problems so that the user experience is hassle free. When there are fewer defects, naturally the product will work without jerks. Hence, it will be considered a good quality product. Secondly, fixing bugs before you release the products means that there is increased user morale as far as the software is concerned. When your users are dissatisfied it would adversely affect your organization which is not desirable. The errors may be rectified eventually but the confidence of the users in your products may be lost forever. To avoid such circumstances it is mandatory that the software is checked before its release. It is, thus, advisable to spend considerable time to test your products before releasing them to the users.

Another aim of the software is to match the requirements for which it is being built. How do you ensure that? Testing is the only module to do so. Although the developers take these requirements into account while developing the product in the analysis phase but it is the testing phase which decides the actual results.

Needless to say, this process can be a long drawn one. But it should not be skipped if your company is aiming to introduce quality products to your end users.

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The effect of upgraded testing operations of selenium on testers

Selenium Testing has been improved the testing functions on every single stage and is helping in great deal of opportunities for the developers. The large scale companies and also the independent corporations are prone in the direction of this particular Testing process. Which creates an excellent and a very bright potential in the field of Software Testing and the Automation. Selenium IDE is a very popular tool, which offers a playback, without the need of getting trained on any scripting language. This particular testing technique works on a particular domain and functions in combination with a lot of high-tech programming languages such as C#, PHP, Java, Groovy etc. This particular testing tool does well on the integrated networks of several web browsers. Selenium Testing tool is in addition multi platform-friendly and also functions very well throughout Windows, Linux and Mac.

selenium automation testingSelenium Testing Tool is one of the open-source software application and that is widely accessible with its licensed form and which can be used by any web-user. The newest inclusion into the progression process of the particular tool known as, Selenium Grid. It comes with a type of hub that behaves like a nucleus of the complete testing procedures. In this way in addition organized synchronized tests could operate efficiently over many levels are let in whether or not the system remain remote or even localized. It reduces the time for test implementation. While in the early times of Selenium Testing, Selenium IDE was utilized as a testing tool. This particular debugging and editing tool wasn’t very popular because of the manual handling. It was later on resulted in much better progress in the development of the Selenium Testing.

Since the Selenium functions in compatibility along with the high level programming languages, the tests could be written on those computer languages for the future implementation through Selenium Client API. Web driver functions like the key for the advanced API. Additionally there is a Selenium based RC and that is a rationalized server, scripted in and out in Java. It functions in synchronize on HTTP and also takes a number of commands. Through the help of RC the automated tests could be coded in almost any programming language. Consequently, this results in enhanced integration on the system. Selenium RC is in addition known as Selenium B, because it had ended the wire protocol type disruption. That made it easier in effective operating of the remote browsers and also port need decline.

Selenium Web-driver suffixed Selenium RC. The main functioning was to take command then forward that onto the running browser. That processed through a browser driver based application. The benefit of Web-driver on RC had been that it didn’t require a certain server for the test implementation. That straight away managed this feature. This particular accelerated the whole process and therefore turned out to be very much cost & time efficient. Therefore Selenium Testing gives a high interface for the handling and in addition it offers high quality that is probably the most important features of the Testing environment. In addition it offers a safe integrated surrounding and because of its capability to go with all types of coded languages it includes a variety of testing modules as well as features.

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Selenium and Its Components

As an open source software testing tool, Selenium is used widely to assess internet applications. The portable framework is allows QA engineers to write test cases in a number of widely used programming languages including PHP, Java, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python, Groovy and Selenese. The testers further has option to run tests against most popular web browsers, and deploy the open source testing framework on Windows, Macintosh and Linux. The enterprises can further choose from different components of Selenium according to the nature and requirements of individual internet application testing projects.

Key Components of Selenium

selenium web app testingSelenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
Selenium IDE is a simple and easy to use web application testing framework that is designed as a Firefox plug-in. The framework makes it easier for QA engineers to write and run test cases run tests against Mozilla Firefox without knowing a programming language in-depth. It can even be used by beginners who are interested in understanding the automated testing concepts and Selenium commands.

The testing professionals can use the IDE to record and playback test scripts without writing any additional code. Selenium IDE is more suitable for writing code that does not require any major customization. However, the QA engineers can use the IDE to create simple cases that can be subsequently exported to Selenium Remote Control and WebDriver.

Selenium Client API
As noted earlier, Selenium allows testing professionals to write test case in a several programming languages including PHP, Java, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python and Groovy along with a test domain-specific language called Selenese. When the test cases are written in languages other than Selenese, they communicate with Selenium by calling methods in the Selenium Client API. At present, Selenium Client API is available only for selected programming languages like Java, Ruby, C# and Python.

Selenium Remote Control (RC)
As a test tool, Selenium RC allows testers to write internet application UI test scripts in any programming language. The tests can then run against any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser to evaluate the HTTP website. Selenium RC comes with two major components, i.e., a server and client libraries. The testers can use the server as an HTTP proxy to send web requests. The server can automatically launch and kill browsers. Also, they can use client libraries for computer languages to write test cases using their preferred programming language.

Selenium WebDriver
As the successor to Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver can be used as an effective cross platform web application testing framework. It allows QA engineers to communicate with the web browser directly or control it from the operating system level. So the framework can be used to test rich internet applications developed with many AJAX based functionalities. The framework further makes it easier for testing professionals to create customized test results.

Selenium Grid
Selenium Grid is designed as a sever that allows testers to run tests in parallel. The QA engineers can use the server to simultaneously run tests on multiple servers. So the server is effective in bringing down the amount of time required for testing large internet applications. The Grid uses a server as a hub. The tests access the browser instances by contacting the hub. Normally, the hub has a list of servers that allow tests to access to browser instances. Thus, hub allows the tests to access and use these browser instances.

Selenium is available as an open source web application testing framework under the Apache 2.0 license. So like Selenium, its components can also be downloaded and used by businesses without paying any licensing fees and charges. Thus, both Selenium and its components can be availed by large companies, small businesses and startups.

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Agile QA Process for Projects – Best Practices

As an incremental and iterative agile approach for software development, scrum is used widely by enterprises across the world to manage product development in a holistic and flexible way. Scrum requires the development team to work as a single unit for accomplishing a common goal. The agile approach further assumes that the clients can always change their mind about their wants and needs during the project.

Therefore, it becomes essential for both software developers and testers to explore innovative ways to deliver valuable features of business in short development iterations varying from 2 to 4 weeks. Thus, the traditional programming practices fail to complement agile QA process on scrum projects. The QA engineers also need to keep in mind several best practices to optimize the agile QA process on scrum projects.

6 Best Practices for Implementing Agile QA process on Scrum Projects

1) Make the Team Member Understand the Customer Requirements
qa and testing servicesTo make the agile QA process more effective, the team members involved in quick iterations must possess practical experience and expertise. The expertise and experience in practice will make it easier for the professional to reduce the customary delays and quicken the iteration. For instance, when a team member is representing a financial customer he must be familiar with the customer’s wants and requirements.

2) Use Specific Agile Terms and Examples
Several agile terms and examples must be used frequently to help the team in migrating to agile QA process. Some of the common terms associated with conventional project management needs to be replaced with specific agile terms and examples. For instance, user stories can replace terms like requirements, whereas term like Project Management Office has to be replaced with Agile Center of Excellence.

3) Co-locate the Team Members
To accomplish the desired QA results, it is important to allow team members to meet and interact with each other unabatedly. An organization can even consider co-locating the team of software developers in a single room to create the physical environment or ambience required for unrestricted collaboration. At the same time, the organization needs to use latest communication tools to facilitate smooth interaction between local and remote teams. It can even reorganize the office space to create the perfect physical environment for collaboration.

4) Identify the Measurable Results to be accomplished through Agile
To get the desired QA results, an organization must identify the measurable goals. Once the goals are identified, it will be easier for the organization to explain the project outcomes to the team members by preparing a vision statement. The vision statement will make it easier for software developers to write the predetermined code within a specific timeframe to deliver the valuable features of business.

5) Adjust the Oversight Requirements
The team also needs to adjust the oversight requirements through demonstrations that are both frequent and tangible. These tangible demonstrations will further make it easier for the business to gain the trust of both customers and reviewers. Also, the interaction with client will help businesses in avoiding additional oversight documents and databases.

6) Accelerate the Delivery of Business Features
As noted earlier, scrum approach assumes that the mind and requirements of the customer may change during production. So the members of the QA team must use the latest tools to track the modifications required by the client, and deliver the features on schedule. The developers can even refer to compliant development sites to comply with the security and architectural needs of the domain.

Coordination between the product owner, ScrumMaster and team members is also essential for smooth agile QA process on scrum projects. Instead of managing the team, the ScrumMaster aims to increase productive and creativity of team members by removing all impediments. So the ScrumMaster must identify and remove all hurdles to implement the agile QA process on scrum projects perfectly.

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Selenium – How it fits in software company testing process?

The highly responsive and interactive software processes demand testing to be carried out so that the ultimate product that reaches the customer turns to be as perfect as possible. For this purpose automated tests find a special place amongst the various processes of a software company. In automated testing a software tool is used for running of repeatable tests on the application in question. There are several tools that can serve the purpose; amongst them a very prominent one is Selenium.

selenium automation testingSelenium consists of various software tools with different approaches for supporting of automated tests. When testers use the complete suite, the resultant testing functions turn out to be extremely rich with various approaches for various problems. Each of the multiple software tools in the framework has specific functions. This free testing framework has been considered as one of the most efficient tools in the market currently. It has four main components- IDE, Web Driver, Grid and Remote Control.

IDE or Integrated Development Environment- This is the tool for prototyping and helps in building of test scripts. This Firefox plugin provides an interface which can be used easily for development of automated tests. There is a recording feature in it that helps in recording of user actions when performed. The recording is then exported as reusable script in any of the to-be executed programming languages.

Remote Control- Remote Control or RC had been the primary Selenium for quite some time. This actively supported tool provides several powerful features like supporting almost all browsers and supporting a variety of languages such as Ruby, Javascript, Java, PHP, Python, C#, Perl, etc.

Webdriver- This is considered the latest addition to the toolkit with a variety of great features that includes a more object oriented and cohesive API. It is the combined effort of WebDriver and Selenium developers, providing support to both the technologies.

Grid- By virtue of Grid, RC can scale large test suites as well as test suites that have to be run in multiple environments. It allows the running of several tests at same time but on various remote machines. The performance of slow-functioning test suites or large suites can be boosted through its use. It works by dividing the suite so that different machines can be used for running of various tests at same time. It uses parallel processing to improve the time taken.

Some unique features

  • Unmatched flexibility, browser integration and extensibility which cannot be found in other proprietary tools available normally.
  • DOM or document object model level testing is not only powerful but simple as well which makes continuous Agile project integration very easy.
  • A huge assortment of IDEs like Visual Studio, Netbeans, Eclipse, etc can be used according to the selected development language.
  • Multiple browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc are supported by it on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Some tips

  • In most cases, assert command should be used instead of verify as normally in case of the latter the running test case normally fails.
  • In case of website that cannot be framed, multiwindow option should be used and not interactive.
  • When there is problem with the working of recording, the Firefox browser should be visited and Tools, Add on and then Selenium IDE selected. It should be disabled first and then again enabled. After the browser is restarted it generally works normally.
  • A wrapper can be written in .net.jsp for the suite so that it can be maintained easily in html.

Just like others, Selenium is not free from certain limitations. But considering the advantages that it offers, the limitations appear to be minuscule. If we work around those limitations we will be able to boast of a test case that is easy to implement, multifunctional and time-saving.

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